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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) do not have inherent value. They are instruments that support achievement of strategic goals. We will therefore not try to convince our clients that everything will be fine if they just file one more patent application. Instead we commit ourselves to understanding our clients business strategy, and we will collaborate in developing a supporting IP strategy. We do this while providing professional expertise, new business models, and extensive use of modern technology.

LIGL consists of LIGL advokater AS, LIGL IP-Consult AS and the technology company LIGL AS.

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Modern expertise and efficiency

We have the legal expertise and business understanding you would expect from a modern business law firm. Several of our lawyers come from leading partner positions in the largest law firms in Norway, and have extensive experience in their areas of law. Solid industry experience ensures that we contribute to efficient processes of very high quality. Our commitment is personal. We are therefore also used as legal advisors and commercial sparring partners in the ongoing operations of our clients.

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