About LIGL

LIGL was founded on a vision to disrupt the way law is practiced as a business. In 2019 we expanded our scope by similarly challenging the IP consultancy industry (the patent and trademark attorneys).

LIGL is built around three unique principles, innovation, leadership and culture - our DNA.

Through innovative use of technology, a modern business model and a unique work environment we want to create a real, efficient and exclusive alternative to the largest law firms in Norway. We know that this will and must take time, but we also know that this is the way the profession will evolve – and we want to be at the forefront.

LIGL consists of highly qualified business lawyers, IP-attorneys and other employees with long experience, substantial expertise and commitment to and enthusiasm for their work. The firm’s lawyers come from senior partner positions in the country’s largest law firms. Similarly, our IP-attorneys are coming from leading partner positions in the country’s largest IP consultancy.

Our clients are Norwegian and international businesses. We assist a wide range of clients from startups to large companies with a long history. We also accept assignments from private individuals within selected areas of law.

If we for some reason are unable to help in a specific case, we will refer the case to professionals we would have used ourselves if we were in the client’s situation. You can therefore safely assume that contacting us will bring you towards a solution no matter what your problem is. We also have a large international network to draw on when assistance is needed in other countries.

Early on, LIGL developed Ida™, our own legal robot, in order to revolutionize the way legal tasks are performed. When we use Ida™ we reduce the time spent. Ida™ also makes it easier to negotiate actual fixed-price agreements on a number of assignments.

Ida™ is now an integrated part of our assistance in labor and employment law, intellectual property law, corporate law, M&A, dispute resolution, patent counseling and strategic IP advice. And this is only the beginning.

LIGL consists of LIGL advokater AS, LIGL IP Consult AS and the legal-tech firm LIGL AS.